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Kent International Jamboree 2013

Welcome to the Kent International Jamboree 2013 pages.

Scouts and Guides from all over Kent, the United Kingdom and all over the world descended on the Kent County Showground between the 27th July and the 3rd August 2013 for a week of adventure, friends and fun. Whether they travelled seven miles, seven hundred miles, they all have stories to share we hope these pictures will tell them in pictures alone.

We would welcome your feedback on KIJ 13, please use this form.

002 003 Download the KIJ2013 Handbook

These pages have been created by the County Technology Advisor from great images taken by the Jamboree Media Team and those pictures you have sent us.

We welcome your stories consideration to be added to these pages, please use the email address on the home page.

There was a DVD created of the of the Jamboree which was sent to everyone who pre-ordered it.

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