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Welcome to the Kent Scouts County Web Site


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Kent Choices4U Live


Kent Choices 4U at Detling saw a influx of students from years 7 to 11 on the first day all keen and eager to find out about opportunities for their futures...

Updated a few hours ago by Rebecca

Active8 2015


Over a year in the planning Active8 brought together 80 exhibitors all under one roof at The Historic Dockyard, Chatham on Sunday 22nd March 2015...

Updated a few days ago by Rebecca

Big Night Out - 27th - 28th June 2015


How many young people from across the county can we get camping on the same night? There are over 20,000 people in Kent Scouts...

Updated a few days ago by Simon



It's happened and it was fab...

Updated 5 days ago by Rebecca

Bear Adventures


Each District has been given a bear for both its Beaver and Cub Sections...

Updated a week ago by Stuart

27th March 2015

3 days - Module 38


4th April 2015

3 days - Thanet Gang Show


7th April 2015

5 days - Maidstone Gang Show


11th April 2015

1 day - First Resonnse First Aid Tunbridge Wells Contact LTM


17th April 2015

3 days - Module 38


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