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1st Upchurch Trip To Belgium

23rd November 2013

12 Scouts from 1st Upchurch Scout Group, (Sittingbourne, Milton & District) went on a day trip to Belgium to look around the war graves and Ypres Salient.

They found it really interesting and had a great time travelling around the twin town of their home.


The scouts travelled to the site via Eurotunnel, which some of them hadn’t even been on before.



After a short journey from Calais, the scouts stopped by at The Trench of Death in a place called De Dodengang. This was a trench that soldiers from World War 1 would have used to protect the land.

After visiting the trench of death, the scouts travelled to Zonnebeke, to visit the largest British cemetery in Ypres, called Tyne Cot. Each scout was given a sheet of paper with a list of dead soldiers’ names on it with their surname, and they had to find that gravestone.


004 005

After spending a few hours searching through the thousands of graves, the scouts then went on to a German cemetery. This was really different from the British one, as all the gravestones were black, and all facing down, whereas Tyne Cot was white marble and stoop upright. The German graves in the first photo have 250 names on each headstone, and that is all that is left of them.

009 006 007 008
The scouts ate their lunch in Ypres town centre, and then headed towards Menin Gate, which is a memorial to the missing soldiers of the first world war. Here, three new scouts were invested and made their promise.



Every day since the Menin Gate memorial had been put up, at 8:00, the last post is played and a band play memorial songs on bagpipes, so the scouts watched that and were all shocked into silence.


1st Upchurch Scouts were a credit to scouting and this event shows people exactly what scouting is all about. The scouts earned their international Union Jack badge and are now wearing it on their uniforms.

Laurence Marshall
4th Milton Regis Scouts (and trip organiser)

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