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Otford Cubs Have a Knockout Time

As a part of their Fitness Challenge, members of the 15th Sevenoaks (Otford) Waingunga Cub pack visited Sevenoaks Amateur Boxing Club on the 12th September 2013 at their gym based on the Gaza Trading Estate near The Weald. The Cubs took part in many various activities based around the training that boxers undertake including skipping and bag work but no sparring.

Head trainer and founder Paul Lynch said he wanted to show the Cubs there is more to boxing than hitting each other. He explained that fitness, co ordination and agility where as much part of boxing as power and aggression. Paul also said boxing had something for everybody including people with disabilities, which is why sometimes residents of the Chipstead Lake, Leonard Cheshire Home visited the gym for fitness training.

To finish off an exciting evening 3 of Otford’s newest members where invested in the ring, which proved a challenge when trying to salute in boxing gloves!


15th Sevenoaks Otford Cubs

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