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Eynsford & Farningham Cubs win Chi Chi Trophy 2014

002 Congratulations to the team from Eynsford & Farningham Cub Pack who beat off 6 other teams to win the Chi Chi Trophy. 17th February 2014

The annual competition comprised teams of 4 Cubs plus a Leader who took part in a 5 round quiz and 5 different activity bases with tests on the following:-

Nature - marrying up eight different leaves from trees with the correct 'fruits' e.g oak and acorn, horsechestnut with conker, sycamore with sycamore wings,holly with holly berries.

Taste test - each Pack was given eight different flavours of crisps to identify by tasting.

It's a Puzzle - six geometric shapes to be assembled correctly within a frame.

I Spy - Teams were given an involved, 'fussy' picture to study for three minutes, then were asked questions

Music - short tracks of Disney tunes played from which the relevant film had to be named.

These alternated with five rounds of questions on Pot Luck, Who am I?, Cub Scouting, Sport and Leisure and 1-2-3 number round.

Well done to all who took part the winners Eynsford & Farningham who keep the trophy for a year & the runners up Crockenhill.

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