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Scout Websites

Creating a Scout Website

If you would like to have a section or group or district website have a think of what you would like to have on it. A good start is to create some sample content in a word document so you can work out how many pages you may need.

The next thing you will need to do if to find a web address, it should be a address. An example of where these can be purchased is , this can then be pointed to web site where its located(hosted), there are many companies to choose from. We can advise on names if you find the one you want is already taken or is owned by someone else.

Domain names should not be registered to an individual, use your group or section name at their address. They cost from £10 a year, less if bought in multiple years. Watch for sites that charge if you want to move it somewhere else.

Where websites are stored is called hosting. There are many places you can host your site and then point your domain name at it. The hosting will include disk space and other options including email.

There are many hosting companies you can choose offering different things, (using a UK one means you pay in pounds and save exchange costs) and claim the VAT back. Prices will start on average about £60 a year.

There are many companies you can use, these are the ones that we have/are using and will depend on the technical ability of the person who is going to maintain your site - we can advise.

  • - they host the Scout, Explorer & Network sites and have a good Content Management System they can supply as part of the annual cost.
  • - You can load any content management system including Wordpress or write your own.
  • We use to host our mail and web servers

  • many others are available.

It is always good to secure your site (padlock next to the web address at the top) of this web address. There are many places you can get these depending on your budget. We use the free one from to secure our site.

Web sites with popups and adverts should be avoided at all times.

You will have to ensure that your website works on all computers browsers and mobile devices.

Website Branding

Your website should follow the Scout Branding guidelines which can be found here. If you are using Wordpress then is a good place to get Scouting themes.

See the media pages for ideas and images you can use without copyright problems. Be careful you cannot use images you find online without permission of the owner. The Media page has links to sites you can use, or use your own pictures.

For Scouting images the media page also has links to good images showing young people enjoying themselves.

On the National Brand site there are tools to make your own banners and download icons

Need Help or Advice

If you have a web site you need keep it up to date with events and pictures at least weekly.

There is a good page all about websites on the national site along with a Fact Sheet FS295207. Both should be read and monitored for updates.

If you need help or advice please contact the Technology Advisor who will be happy to help.

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