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Scout Kontiki

Kontiki is a district scout event for all the scout groups in Gravesham at Leybourne Lakes, Snodland.
2014 was a fantastic kontiki for Istead Rise Scouts. Their raft stayed in tact for the race and they were even able to go out in it again and have some more fun in the afternoon.

The team of James, Cerys, Jake, Ethan, Ben and Aaron had an hour to construct their raft after which is was judged for construction and then the races began with two scout group rafts racing each other. Then the scores are collated on times and construction. Our paddling team was James, Ethan Cerys and Ben and they really put up a good fight and won their race.
After lunch there are 3 kayaking races, Obstacle, Relay and Marathon, the scores are put together to form an overall Scout Group winner. Our results were astounding. 2ND IN THE DISTRICT!!!!!!!!! WELL DONE TEAM!!!
Obstacle: All the team took part, and did exceptionally well, overall Ethan came 2nd in 51 seconds, knocking a good few seconds off this record from last year.
Relay: We had a couple of teams with good old James having to take part in both teams in the end, as they had to have a race of between them to see which team came 3rd and 4th.
We ended up in 3rd, Ethan, James and Aaron and a 4th, Cerys, Jake and James.
Marathon: The Marathon is once around the whole lake and this year Ethan and James entered and both did outstanding. Ethan paddled to victory taking 1st place and beating the Explorer scouts who only set off a few minutes behind them, so a massive well done Ethan!!
Also James was outstanding taking an 8th place and finished with fantastic will power and determination.
If you are unaware the Scouts have the opportunity to take part in District Kayaking training in the months leading up to the summer and all work towards their Paddle passports they learn, confidence, water safety and paddle techniques. This is all rounded off with a Kayak camp at the end of July where they Kayak and then camp and have a fun time with other scouts from the District.


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