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JOTI 2014 - Broadstairs Viking ESU

This was our first year participating in JOTI, it all seeming a bit complicated at the outset. However, two laptops, a PC, three mobile broadband dongles later we were sorted!

Add 16 explorers, 2 scouts and 3 leaders and a fun weekend was guaranteed.

Our weekend started at 10.30am Saturday and finished at 2.30pm Sunday, and some of the hardy souls were still online chatting at 2.00am, hitting their sleeping bags for a few hours snooze before breakfast and re-entering the world of JOTI.

Over the weekend the unit spoke to cubs, scouts, explorers and guides from over 76 different countries and groups from every populated continent, with multiple groups in some bigger areas.

Using IRC and Skype, a World Map and the JOTI website the explorers were able to talk to members of the scouting family around the world about everything from favourite camp foods (essential for explorers), to activities and badges, age groups and uniform styles. The unit were able to invest a new member with members from Southampton Sea Scouts joining us for the investiture over Skype.

As the final hours of camp came closer the explorers decided to track down as many missing Nations as possible, with lists written, map scrutinised, the unit set off, with some success and more planned for next year.

The unit’s most distant contact was in New Zealand, the closet in Sittingbourne. The most chatty was a leader in Algeria who took his webcam on a tour of his unit for us, and gave us a demonstration of JOTA over SKYPE, the funniest was a Swedish group, we had a great time chatting with South African Cubs skyping from their local shopping centre and learnt about the stripes on Mexican scouts neckerchiefs.

In between talking online, the unit tried to complete as many JOTI challenges as possible, including singing the National Anthem together, creating their own STOMP routine, building a rube Goldberg machine to name a few.

Asked if they wanted do it again – YES was the definite reply from the Explorers, so JOTI 2015 here we come!

A final big thank you to the leaders who helped organise the event, so THANK YOU!


Broadstairs Viking ESU

18-19th October 2014

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