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Nights Away

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County Nights Away Advisers

Kent Scouts now have two Supporters of the Nights Away Permit Scheme (SNAPS) to help support local Nights Away Advisers. Both are County Nights Away Advisers and are here to help.

Kevin Manns &  Andy Sissons

Nights Away Adviser Support

In October 2015 the SNAPS team ran a workshop update weekend for NAAs. The plan is to revisit this after five years to keep NAAs up to date and current. Smaller morning or afternoon Get Togethers will be held each year in between.

District Nights Away Adviser Support Group

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If you would like to join the Support Group, to receive information and communication from the County SNAPS, please click the link above and leave your details.

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Updated Nights Away Guidance 2015

Nights Away Permits. UK TSA.

First things first. This is a generic guide to permits. There will be exceptions. It does get complicated when people start saying "Yes but..."

I have tried to keep it short - look at how long it already is!!!!!

There are old forms and old fact sheets online in various places. You must check whether you are using the most up to date version. Or indeed whether the fact sheet has been obsoleted completely. (FS155053 the Beaver Sleepover is a prime example of this)

There are 3 MAIN types of camping permits.

There is also a Lightweight Expedition permit.

Permits should not be section specific. (They really shouldn't be, if you have a restriction by section on your permit, question why)

By holding a Nights Away Permit you get to take any section away overnight. You are responsible for everything that happens on the camp. You can delegate roles.

Beavers are allowed to camp outside under canvas in December.  it just needs preparation and knowledge.

Beavers are now allowed to camp for any amount of time. The 1 night restriction has been lifted as of 16 January 2015.

The need to have alternative accommodation for cubs and Beavers as a mandated requirement has been lifted. Now this is down to your risk assessment.

The indoor permit must be in a building that has a plumbed in toilet system and running water. Therefore a barn might not be an indoor accommodation because of the toilet facilities.

Campsite permits allow you to camp at any public, private or Scout Campsites and must have access to plumbed in toilets and running drinking water.

Greenfield Permits allow you to camp anywhere you have permission, or in the case of Scotland, anywhere that allows the right of access. (Google this for info)

You must have a minimum of 2 adults on site overnight depending on the section, one of which must be the Nights Away Permit holder, one or both must hold a minimum of first response qualification. (There is an exception by using an event passport, see below) 

Your section ratio's and Risk Assessment will determine the exact number of DBS/CRB checked adults you MUST have on site during the period the young people would reasonably be expected to be asleep. 

The recommended MINIMUM ratio's for each section on a Nights Away Event are:

Beavers: 1 adult for every 6 Beavers PLUS the Leader in Charge.

Cubs: 1 adult for every 8 cubs, PLUS the Leader in Charge.

Scouts: 1 adult for every 12 Scouts. But a minimum of 2 Adults. 

Explorer's: anything other than only 1 adult on camp. 

The exception to having any adults on camp;

If your Scouts or Explorers are competent, you can issue an Event Passport to one Young Person who then assumes the leadership role to run the camp. This is for smaller 'patrol' sized camps. 

If you do issue an event passport to a Scout or Explorer you cannot have adults as part of that particular party. (Other adults may very well be on site but they must not be part of the group being passported)

You can only issue on Event Passport to the level of your own permit and you remain FULLY responsible for the camp even though you are not there. 

You don't need a Lightweight Expedition permit to run expeditions that have an overnight element. - if you have a campsite permit you can run an expedition as long as you end up at a campsite for the sleepover part.

A Lightweight Expedition permit should be seen as a 'Greenfield Lite' permit. It allows overnight stops as part of an expedition at any greenfield site or area, BUT IS RESTRICTED. 

You can go on to another site. You can go full circle and come back to the same site. But you must fully strike camp and move on completely. 

Risk Assess everything. This will determine the exact number of adults you really need on your camp. Remember 2 is the MINIMUM. Take more, it will make life a whole lot easier. 

Safety is paramount. 

Young people love camping. It gives them a freedom they don't get anywhere else.

The Scout Association says you MUST give your section the opportunity to have a night away experience at least once a year.

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Think about what you are going to do - discuss it with your team and don't be afraid to alter the plan if you need to!


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