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Wild Winter Weekend

Wild Winter Weekend (30th Jan – 1st Feb)

Here are some reports from the weekend

Abigail (15th Dover St. Andrews) & (County Patrol Ambassador)

Last weekend I went on the Wild Winter Weekend. It was great fun and I made lots of new friends.

Our time was packed full of activities such as archery, quad-biking, leap of faith, 3G swing, to name a few. My favourite activity was the Night Trail because it was really wet, very muddy and Lardy and Josh kept putting mud in my ears! I liked the fact that you had a choice of things to do in the evening.

You could be lively and play sports or more sedate and take in a film at the on site cinema. The food was fantastic too, especially the bacon bagels served at breakfast. And, when you'd had enough there was a warm, comfortable bed waiting for you in your room.

I can thoroughly recommend the Wild Winter Weekend and will be signing up for the next one.

Bethany (12th Medway) & (County Patrol Ambassador)

In a word awesome.

From start to finish the weekend was action packed and great fun. It was a chance to catch up with old friends and to make new ones.

Some of the best activities this year were, the 3g swing because it goes really fast and watching the faces of the other scouts when they went on it was very funny. I also enjoyed the night line because you have to go round blind folded in the mud, which is a bit scary but great to do.

I loved the leap of faith and I have tried this many times but this year I actually managed to grab the bar. It's was great to also help encourage some of the others scouts to do it as they were really scared, but once they had tried it they loved it too. The swimming in the evening was fun, but it would of been nice to have played some team games. Other things we did were quad biking, aero ball, trail of mystery, zip line, archery and mini sports.

This weekend away is great fun, there is always something to do, not sure you could pack any more into this weekend if you tried too and it's a great way of getting out in the dull winter time and having lots of fun with some great people.

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