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Better Prepared at Parkwood

Scouting Finds a New Home at Parkwood

001 Scouting is no longer all about knots, it is no longer just for the boys and it is no longer unavailable at Parkwood, Maidstone.

After over 5 years of there being no local Scout Group for the residents of Parkwood, Scouting has once again found a home there. With the recent launch of the Scout Association’s ‘Better Prepared’ initiative, Scouting is becoming more accessible across the UK, reaching those who need it most; through this scheme and with valuable support from the community, such as Golding Vision who along with valuable encouragement and enthusiasm have pledged £1000 to the project, volunteers are now able to open up the doors of a local school once a month, welcoming boys and girls aged between 6 and 10 to come and join in the fun and join the 20,000 existing young people involved with Scouting in Kent.

The first session was held in January and 12 very happy children spent 1 ½ hours making volcanoes, building spaghetti towers, making bulbs light up together and playing exciting games with new friends. At the next session in February, those same children enjoyed making armpit fudge, where you throw all the ingredients in a robust sandwich bag and squish it under your armpit until it’s mixed – it is surprisingly tasty! They also made spinning tops, which they raced, and made straw whistles.

There was also a vote to name a special Maidstone East District bear, who will be the mascot for Cubs all over Maidstone East – the children came up with a list of names then everyone there, including the parents voted on his name, which became ‘Chippy’, to much applause.

Scouting is life changing and it is hoped that a whole Scout Group can eventually be built from these foundations, offering young people of all ages at Parkwood fun, excitement, challenges, new experiences and the opportunity to meet lifelong friends.

The success of this project will ultimately depend on adult volunteers though, who will be welcomed with open arms to grow this group and move it forward. There is a role for everyone in Scouting – from an hour a week to an hour a year; whatever time or resources you can give will be appreciated and will make a difference. Parkwood will be looking for enthusiastic people to bring the group alive – they are looking for you!

The next session will be held at a Tree Tops School on 28th March from 9:30 – 11:00 and will feature rockets and bubbles!

For more information about the next session or the project itself, please get in touch with Corina who will be happy to tell you all about it. She can be reached at:

Parkwood will be Better Prepared, for a bright future in Scouting.


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