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SAS Trip to Bletchley Park

The Lower Grange Farm Scout Active Support Unit went on a trip to Bletchley Park on a very sunny Sunday in October.  Bletchley Park, is the home of the WW2 codebreakers and is currently undergoing massive improvements thanks to a Heritage Lottery Grant. 

Visitors can see the huts where the codebreakers worked and artifacts including enigma machines and reconstructed "bombe" machine which helped decode messages.  We heard about the amazing work of Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman, who along with their colleagues are credited with shortening the war by two years.

The Group had a tour of the site, led by Ruth Bourne, a veteran from WW2 who was a bombe operator.  She joined the Wrens from school and found herself selected to work as part of the bombe team.  We were privileged to hear first hand some of Ruth's exploits and stories from the war.

Bletchley Park is well worth a visit and you can find out more  here.

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