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Maclean Troop go Radio Orienteering

Maclean Troop Scouts were set a challenge. 002

Half of the group were sent out of headquarters with just a compass and a radio. The other half of the group stayed inside headquarters and were given a very basic scaled map with no road names or place names, just roads, footpaths and buildings and a number of points to visit marked on it. They were also given a radio and a set of clues relating to each point on the map. 001

The task was for the group with the map to direct the outside group (who had not seen the map or the clues) to as many of the points on the map as possible and solve the clue at each one. e.g. 'last collection?' (the last collection time on a post box) or 'Bond's pole numbers?'  (the numbers on a lamp post that began 007..)

They had a time limit of 30 minutes. The groups then swapped roles. The Scouts had a lot of fun with the activity and varying degrees of success! We spoke afterwards about how well they worked as a team and what they found easy or hard.

They loved using the radios but quickly learned that effective communication is more difficult than they thought!


2nd December 2015

You can use the radios too, find out more about the County Radio Set.

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