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Sheppy 100 Years of Cubs - 2016

Isle of Sheppey Cubs

From the 15th to the 17th of April 2016, the Sheppey District’s Cubs went for a big birthday celebration at Kingswood (Grovesner Hall) for the Cub Scout’s 100th year anniversary.

The weekend was jam-packed with activities such as: Climbing, Jacob’s Ladder, Aeroball, 3-G Swing (which seemed to be one of the most popular) and much more! They had a great time as they conquered the awesome 3G-swing, bounced around on the trampolines in Aeroball and tired themselves out on the mud-covered obstacle course.

The Cubs took on tough challenges like jungle vines and problem solving, pushing themselves to try new and exciting things, so needless to say they slept well that night! Everyone had loads of fun, especially when they were allowed to buy sweets and souvenirs at the gift shop.

When we asked the Cubs on their views it was “better than amazing”, even if they “didn’t expect to get that muddy” on some of the activities! We even celebrated in style with a spectacular Cubs 100 cake, which tasted very yummy, accompanied by all the Cubs singing happy birthday to their selves.

By Ella - Deputy Youth Commissioner for Sheppey District, Kent

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