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St George's Day 2016

Tunbridge Wells District St George's Day - Sunday 24th April 2016

Sittingbourne, Milton and District

The district took part in the Sittingbourne St George's Day festival - we had an information stand, info on Scouting and recruitment, Scouts showing Scouting skills e.g. making paracord keyrings, making camp doughnuts etc. We had our traditional service.

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1st Leybourne

St George's day parade at West Malling cricket ground. Leybourne Cubs talk about changes in the uniform since 1970 with a 1970 and 2016 uniform.

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Medway Towns District

Trevor Banks GSL at the 24th being presented his Silver Acorn by Liz Simmons - County Chair and Michelle Kagan - DC at the St George's Day Parade on Sunday. Venue was Rochester Cathedral.

Also Kitty, Steven and Lizz ready for the parade. Kitty and Steven are the districts Youth Commissioners and Lizz is the Explorer Scout Youth Leader for Medway Towns District.

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Deal Walmer Sandwich and District

Deal Walmer Sandwich and District Parade - all groups gather to celebrate St George's at St George's Church in Deal.


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