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20th Gillingham Sponsored Hike 2014

20th Gillingham (Hempstead) Air Scout Group have been super busy raising money for Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance and Demelza House Children’s Hospice, Mike wrote in to tell us all about their awesome adventure ..

Following last year’s successful inaugural event, the Hurricane and Spitfire Cub Packs decided once again to brave the November weather and venture forth, this year in aid of both the Kent, Sussex and Surrey Air Ambulance and Demelza House Children’s Hospice.

We had 7 full teams of 6 Cubs enter for the Hike held on Friday 21st November 2014 (nearly all our young people from both Packs). Starting at 6.15pm they left HQ two at a time, headed in opposite directions round the circular 7.5km course. Two of the teams managed to spot all 14 of the ‘coded’ marker boards spread throughout the route, and all of them spied enough to enable them to solve the ‘code-breaker’ challenge upon their return to base.

Each team had to carefully carry two raw eggs throughout the event – everyone brought at least one home, but the foxes would have found 5 tasty meals somewhere. It became obvious at the end that these eggs had become very precious objects, all being named, and most having had faces, hair etc. drawn on them! The route used as little pavement as possible, so was quite tough going in places, especially the climb up Darland Banks!

On the way round the Cubs had to tackle the ‘leaky beaker, Hanoi Tower, and drainpipe relay’ challenges before facing a final Kim’s game’ challenge back at HQ. At each incident they were all given a sweet, which they could eat any time they liked – however, if they could display the self-control to wait until the final check-in, then they earned valuable bonus points for their team. Dawdling was not an option, as a point could be lost for every 5 minutes over the course ‘target’ time (allowance being made if they’d had to queue for an incident). There were lots of very tired, but hopefully happy faces just before 10pm when the last of the Cubs departed for home (and that was just the adults)!

Special mention must be made of them – the evening could not have happened without the help of the other Section Leaders, Group Exec members and Parents, numbering 25 in total, plus three Explorers, and our Scouts who ran the Kim’s game. Of course, the evening would not have been complete without the appearance, in several locations, of the District Cub Bear (as yet to be officially named) who is hoping that the sponsorship raised will surpass last year’s fabulous £433. Even the adults were fighting over him!

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