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Big Night Out 2017

Kent Scouts Big Night Out took place over the weekend of 27th to 28th May 2017. We wanted to see how many young people from across the county we could get camping on the same night. There were a wide variety of camps across Kent with large activity camps, family camps and some camps in unusual places.

Everyone who took part in the Big Night Out will got a special badge completely free!



We had 45 members and another 40 adults all on family camp at Thriftwood Scout Camp in Essex, braving the thunderstorm (less than a second between lightning and thunder!) With a whole spit roast pig for dinner and loads of activities including kayaking, climbing, slacklining, water games and axe throwing!

We even managed to award a silver and gold chief scouts award to two amazing young members who have worked very hard for their awards!

One of the biggest highlights of the camp was investing our newest Leader Mark around a roaring campfire with all our section leaders there! Mark will be joining the Cub Scouts section and also assisting with Beavers.

A camp that will go down in history with young and young at heart alike! And it wouldn't be proper unless I said a massive thank you to all the Leaders at Wateringbury for all their help in planning and organising it all.

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1st Northfleet

1st Northfleet gathered all three of their sections to camp together for the first time in a few decades! Making use of our own HQ, with the Beavers setting up 'camp' inside the hall and the other sections in tents outside. Our leadership team supporting event was made up of seasoned leaders, Network Scouts and even a couple of parent helpers!

During the event the young people were separated into several patrols lead by the Scouts and partook in a variety of team building games. There was free time which allowed for plenty of intersection mingling, as well as a camp fire and a movie showing in the evening.

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St Paul's - Maidstone East

Fifteen Cubs and Scouts camped under the stars in survival bags at Tovil HQ with other packs from across both Maidstone districts. It was a spy themed camp and we had lots of challenges achieve our spy challenge badge. We also qualified for our crazy camping badge.

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1st Larkfield Cubs - Malling

Twenty three Cubs camped at Hope Hill where we had water fights, played on go-karts went shooting and also stayed up really late at camp fire. We also slept through the best thunder storm ever!


3rd Broadwater - Tunbridge Wells

Seven of our Scouts too park in an expedition challenge. The hiked 12k into site, pitched camp, cooked dinner, had a campfire and then were up early to cook breakfast, prepare lunches, take down camp and hiked 12k back!

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50th Medway Towns

Over the weekend we had 14 Beavers camping at Buckmore Park where they enjoyed a Back to Basics weekend


Barming Panther Cubs

On Saturday 27 May 2017 12 Barming Panthers attended the Maidstone Districts' Sleeping Under the Stars Top Secret Spy Challenge Big Night Out with 5 other Cub Packs from both Maidstone West and Maidstone East.

We attended training camp for spies and did lots of activities including code busting, saying hello in 5 languages and recognising those countries' flags, Laser web, Finger printing, making ransom notes and trying to identify handwriting of leaders, camp fire, sleeping out in survival/bivvy bags, disguises, target shooting, drawing a map of our training ground and paper helicopters and aeroplanes. All trainees graduated from Spy School at the end.


4th Sevenoaks, 6th Sevenoaks & 9th Sevenoaks

The three groups making up 154 people made up of Beavers, Cubs & Scouts hiked into our site from different drop off points which earned them an extra badge as part of the weekend.

For many this was their first night away. We had a BBQ, some fun on a scramble the Scouts built the night before which was then followed by a campfire. Lots of fun was had and the weather was just right.

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Tovil Cub Scouts - Maidstone West

We hosted a camp for Maidstone Cub Scouts sleeping in survival bags under the stars. In total we had 88 Cubs, Young Leaders and Leaders and the Cub Scouts completed their spy training, we were even infiltrated by a rival spy who was trying a bit of espionage to find out about our spy training. We were blessed with a glorious clear night and the stars shone brightly over us.


1st Cheriton and 2nd Sandgate Beavers

Over the weekend we had 24 Beavers camping on the same night in tents in the grounds of 1st Cheriton Scout Hut and included most of the camp craft badge. We had a quiz and hike along with a a couple of other badges. A really fun but very busy 25 hours.

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1st Cheriton

Twenty six Scouts camped at Stelling Minnis.The scouts had a great time relaxing, playing football, throwing rugby and tennis balls amongst themselves, playing games, campfire, cooking marshmallows and chatting.


Goudhurst Scout Group

Twenty-one Goudhurst Cubs and Beavers have joined forces to camp at Lordship Wood for a Harry Potter themed camp.

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8th Faversham Sea Scout Group

The scouts camped over on the Friday night to allow them to be up nice and early on the Saturday to get to Margate for their cycle ride to Herne Bay, and enjoying an ice cream in Reculver on route.

The cubs came into camp in the afternoon where they were met by Dean, Nat and Liam; they then went on a hike along the sea wall. When everyone was back at camp it was into wet gear for the water slide and water fight, which Hannah and Graham got involved in (we think Graham is still drying out!).

This was followed by dinner, a campfire and time to relax under the stars before 'bedtime'. Sunday morning consisted of the usual striking of tents, packing kit away and no-one claiming the odd sock that was found in the tent; but the scouts still had time to make an assault course for their bikes and the cubs to have a wide game. A big thank you to all the Explorer Young Leaders, Network members and Leaders that helped over the weekend.

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Boughton Monchelsea - Maidstone East

We used the grounds around our hut for the Kent Scouts Big Night Out 2017. On the Friday after our normal meeting 12 Scouts slept out under the stars. On Saturday the they built shelters or put up a tent to sleep in. We also done axe work & other scouty activities. The scouts cooked their meals on our newly built fire pits.

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6th Medway

We held a sleepover at the 6th Medway HQ, with 39 cubs and beavers and 8 leaders. We had a great time playing games, hiked out to a fish and chip restaurant for dinner, hiked back and then had a movie night in the HQ.

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6th and 13th Faversham

Over the weekend 23 Cubs camped the two nights away at Shepherd Park, with fun packed days with making dream catchers, clock faces with their special time set, the assault course with water slide followed by a camp fire and the monster game before bed!


St Luke's - Maidstone East

We had 53 Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers meeting with a hike around the local area and a sleepover back at our hut. There were some brand new Beavers who had their first Night Away who absolutely loved it. The Scouts enjoyed being the ones that everyone looked up to - a great success.


Shepherdwell Dover Explorers

In the morning some of our explorer attended district gliding which was held in the same location as the camp. We camped at Waldershare Park Estate in the district field which is has been given to scouts in Dover to camp for the past 20 years.

At 4pm 10 explorers and two leaders descended on to the filed for games, fires, smores and sleeping under the stars with out tents. Everyone had great time even though so tired from staying up late they were falling in out of sleep all morning.

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5th Dover (St Margaret's)

Over the weekend 23 Scout and Beavers took part in the weekend. Six Beaver Scouts had a sleepover and got their Nights Away 1 badge while the Scouts camped locally.


15th Tonbridge (East Peckham)

We had a camp over the 27th - 29th May at Adamswell Campsite Tunbridge Wells. The theme of the camp was Pirates. We hiked to Groombridge and had a trip to Tunbridge Wells on a steam train, then hiked back to the site, made plaques which we branded with pirate themes to take home.

On the second night also saw a thunder storm which woke us up, but most of us were brave enough not to be scared. We had wide games, a campfire, did tracking for pirate treasure and timed runs on the obstacle course - A great camp!!

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1st Headcorn Scout Group

Twelve Headcorn Scouts walked the Cuckoo Trail from Heathfield to Polegate in Sussex, stopping overnight at Bushy Wood Scout Campsite, Hailsham.

On day 1 - 8 miles. On day 2 we crossed from Polegate to Willingdon were we ascended 200 meters to join the South Downs Way, which we followed to the beach at Eastbourne, for a well deserved dip in the sea, followed by fish and chips on the beach. 20 miles in total, completed carrying full kit.

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4th Milton Regis (St Mary's)

We had a Cub camp where 26 people took parr from Friday to Monday at Bexon Lane camp site. It was a badge camp and I (Akela) will have the pleasure of presenting over 160 badges to those that attended next Monday. Each cub gained the Outdoors Challenge, Astronomer, DIY, Naturalist, Environmental Conservation, Pioneer, Backwoods Cooking and Emergency Aid 2 badges as well as clocking up a hike and 3 more nights away.

The cubs all had a great time as did all the leaders!


5th Deal (Sholden)

We had out Cub Camp 2017 held at Betteshanger Scout Camp, joined by the scout section for the big night out. Saturday evening was spent round the camp fire making smores.

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1st Swanley (Hextable)

A fun filled weekend at Broadstone Warren with 25 Cubs and Beavers where we did water walking, rafting, crate stacking and so on as well as all the traditional activities.

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