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GHANA 2018


The 25 strong team from Kent Scouts are setting off on the Ghana18 global project from Saturday 28th July to Saturday August 11th August 2018. 002

They will be volunteering at Rhema Abutia School and Shalom School in the Woe Region. Some will be moulding bricks which will be used to construct a perimeter wall as well as a new classroom. Others will be assisting the teachers with the delivery of lessons and sports coaching.

During the project the team have also arranged to deliver some Scouts Against Malaria training sessions to the local Ghanaian Scouts and to provide Malaria nets for distribution to the local community.

In between the project work they will also have the opportunity to visit the Volta to feed monkeys in a protected monkey sanctuary, see the Wli Falls and hike up Mount Afadjato.

They will also get to visit the Cape Coast with a tour of Cape Coast Castle, an overnight stay at a picturesque beach resort, a canopy adventure trail though Kakum National Park and lunch at a restaurant built over a crocodile lake!

Saturday 28th July


Kent Scouts trip to Ghana left early this morning. Whilst away they will be volunteering in the local community, teaching in a classroom and exploring the Volta Region of West Africa.

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