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Air Camp


What good scouting is all about!

Over the weekend of 8th to 10th June 2018, 88 scouts plus leaders from seven Scout groups from all over the County camped at Old Hay Airfield for a fun packed weekend.

Seven mixed squads (named after British birds of prey) got to fly in a range of microlight aircraft (2 fixed wing, 2 flexwing), launch rockets, fly kites, shoot guns and arrows (not at the same time!), make paracord bracelets, key rings and woggles, indulge in origami, make model aircraft, play games, fly the flight simulators and use a bungee run.

Saturday evening was pizza and cake followed by songs and jokes. All carefully choreographed to fit it all in but still with a little time to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

The airfield is a wonderful venue (although the grass can be an issue for hay fever sufferers) and the owners make us really welcome. A bit of proper camping was involved with humping water and digging wet pits but that is all part of the fun!

A long list of people involved in organising, setting up and running the camp and the thank you 'credits' session involved many enthusiastic rounds of applause for those present and absent that gave their time and efforts.

Lee (Producer and Director!)

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