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Cuboree France 2020 - Frequently Asked Questions

Is the price the same for Cubs and Leaders?

Yes – we worked hard to try and find a way to divide it differently, but this is the most cost-effective way for us to offer it to you. We are always more than happy to support groups with fundraising ideas and extra manpower for fundraising events.

We are also available to support you with managing your budget at a Pack Level if you are not sure what to do and think this would be helpful. Just get in touch.

What do we get for our money?

You get:

  • A full day at Disneyland Paris
  • A day of French custom, food and culture local to the Château - including the seaside!
  • A visit to the Nausicaa National Sea Life Centre
  • All Travel through the weekend
  • Accommodation including all bedding
  • Catering provided throughout the weekend
  • A photograph of your group
  • Other souvenirs, including a beanie hat!

Can leaders have a go on the activities too?

Yes, where it feels appropriate. There’s no reason why leaders can’t take part in all of the same activities as the Cubs, you just need to make your intention known to the activity leaders and go for it!

What are you going to do about Cubs who cannot be photographed / filmed?

We will be filming and photographing this event throughout, however we don’t want this to be a barrier to anyone attending.

When you book your places, please make this known to us and we will work with you to develop the right approach for your young person. We can never guarantee a 100% successful system but can promise that we will do everything humanly possible!

If you do spot something online that shouldn’t be there, please alert a member of the team and we will get it removed.

How are we travelling?

We will travel by coaches, with comfort breaks as necessary along the way. Meeting points will be organised and coordinated depending on where people are based geographically.

Can you cater for allergies/intolerance/dietary needs etc?

Yes – you just need to make this clear to us so that we can inform Kingswood. You will then need to make sure that this is mentioned / requested at each meal time at the servery as there will be too many people on site for them to know who individually needs different things. There is no extra charge for meeting these needs.

What is the required ratio for Cubs and Leaders?

Due to this being a bit different form the norm, we have increased the ratio to 1 leader to every 6 Cubs plus the leader in charge. So for example if you want to bring 15 Cubs, you must bring 4 adults.

Please remember that if you are bringing Young Leaders they count as Cubs for the purposes of ratio as they are not over 18.

Who does the paperwork?

Your leader in charge will complete the paperwork for your booking as if it were your own camp. This includes Form Nan, In Touch details, health forms etc. We will require a copy of your Form Nan.

If you are unsure please give us a shout.

Will I need a Nights Away Permit?

Technically yes – however we can buddy you up with a leader who can assist you as part of their permit and guide you through what information they need to collect. This is not a camp that you can use to gain your permit, however the paperwork that you will need to do is good practice for planning your own.

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Last updated 39 weeks ago