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4 Week Challenge

4 Week Challenge


To encourage adults to have a go at being a Scout volunteer for 4 weeks


You’ve probably heard of the 4 Week Challenge, it was launched by the Scout Association a couple of years ago to encourage adults to have a go at being a leader. After the 4 weeks we thank them and present them with a certificate to show our appreciation. We’ve found that many continue in Scouting becoming assistants and leaders so it’s a great way to recruit people and, we believe, worthy of a badge!

The badge is awarded when: The adult completes the 4 weeks and they also get a certificate

The badge is awarded to: The adult gets a certificate & badge, if their child is in the Group, they get a badge too!

The badge is worn: Lower right forearm, towards cuff


  • Week 1 - Go along to see what Scouting is like. It's a good idea for an existing leader to be your 'buddy'
  • Week 2 - Start to help out with activities or games.
  • Week 3 - Get more involved and hands on
  • Week 4 - Run an activity or game and you'll receive your certificate and badge


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