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Kent Scouts MAYhem 2020

Kent Scouts MAYhem 2020

A Virtual Camping Challenge during the month of May.

As you know we were planning to get as many people camping outside during the month of May but due to the current circumstances we are changing it to be a virtual ‘MAYhem’ Camp with many challenges that each section member can do individually at home during May to earn their badge.

As part of our virtual ‘MAYhem’ Camp ran a campfire online on Saturday the 16th May. This provided a great opportunity for Groups across the County to share and learn some new campfire songs.

As part of our 'hot embers' series we released an extra campfire videos during the week.

Kent Scouts YouTube

Thank you for uploading all your pictures with your badge applications, the gallery below shows some great things that happened.

We would just like to say a big well done to everybody that took part. Dean and the rest of the county team have been very impressed with the photos and videos we have been sent in. It looks like the young people, parents and leaders, put a lot of effort into making this a success.

Throughout May, we had 5379 young people camping and 1109 adults. This has been a fantastic achievement especially as we are not doing face-to-face scouting at the moment and it’s all been done via zoom and other methods so once again thank you very much for your time and your efforts.

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