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Gift Aid - What’s it all about?

Gift Aid - What’s it all about?

Is your Group missing out on thousands of pounds? - Yes - you are if you don’t claim Gift Aid.

For every £1 of subs paid you could be getting an extra 25p. - IT’S FREE MONEY FROM THE HMRC!

Gift Aid is a Government initiative that thousands of Scout Groups benefit from annually. You can even claim back Gift Aid on eligible donations made within the last four years as well as on current and future donations.

One District in Kent recently looked at their Groups claiming Gift Aid – surprisingly whilst some or most were registered, most had not claimed. In the last year alone, there was £17,548.25 waiting to be claimed. Multiply by this by four years and in just one District there is the potential for £70,193.00. Imagine that for every Group in Kent – and it could amount to a staggering


Districts can also register for Gift Aid and the same guidance applies.

It’s always difficult to find people to offer to fundraise for your Group/District, but imagine how rewarding it would be for an individual or a small team to raise that kind of money for a few hours work a year.

How do I get started?

  1. Read the National Pages below and don’t be put off – there are rules and regulations but they are there to ensure that claims are valid.
  2. Ask for a volunteer – someone who likes keeping records, filing, and raising lots of money without having to bag pack, help at a jumble sale stall, stand in a muddy field directing cars, sell endless raffle tickets – the list goes on……….. (we need and rely on people who enjoy these things too!!).
  3. Register with HMRC and ask parents/carers to fill out the declaration forms.
  4. Ensure your records are up to date in relation to subscriptions etc and can be looked at if necessary.
  5. Make the claim – if you do it online you could have the money in your account in five weeks!
  6. Spend it – what on? Tents, doing up your meeting place, equipment, a fun day – anything you choose – it is your Groups money from the HMRC – and it’s for free!

Good luck – don’t delay – the sooner you get the ball rolling then the sooner you can make the claim!

National have provided a detailed information page to support you in making the most out of Gift Aid.

Last updated a year ago