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Kent Cubs Challenge

This year's Kent Cub Pack Challenge is brought to you from a distance and is designed to be completed either as a Pack in virtual meetings or for Cubs to do on their own at home. #KentCubsChallenge

1 - Wish Jar

My cub scout daughter Esmé from 19th St Matt's in Tunbridge Wells has made her wish jar today and filled it with loads of things she can't wait to do once lockdown is finished. Both Esmé and my eldest - scout Megan - are staying with Granny and Grandpa during lockdown as I am a nurse on the front-line at a COVID-19 assessment hub, and they are much safer at Granny and Grandpa's, so that's why cuddling Mummy is her number one. Jack is our cat, and she can't wait to cuddle him too - Jessica (Beaver and Cub leader at St Matt's)

8th Gillingham Cubs have started the challenge. A selection of photos for week 1. Interestingly, some parents said they'd already started this. We've put a Pack Forum into our programme later this term & will ask each Cub to pick something from their jar to share with us. Sylvia - 8th Gillingham (Wigmore)

11th Broadstairs have started to collect their after lockdown wishes. We have had a real positive response to this activity. - Sarah Woodward

2nd Royal Tunbridge Wells - St Paul's Rusthall Scout Group have been creating their jars. William of our Wolf Pack jar has ideas by the whole family and are being kept secret until the lock down is over. They will then take it in turns to take one out and try to carry them out. The second is by Amy who is also in our Wolf Pack. She is writing down her wishes on little heart shaped pieces of paper. so far her wishes include seeing her friends, going out for a meal, going back to school and having a day out. The letters on the top stand for "After Coronvirus Is Over I Will..." - Gavin CSL

1st Gillingham Bear Cubs are also using this challenge for their Cub Forum. Ideas are filling the jar for their programme when we return, camp & sleepovers & a special day activity they would like to do.

1st Swanley (Hextable) - A number of our Cubs filled boxes or jars with ideas for what to do after the lock down. These included (plus individual photos below) ideas to keep me going for years: Playing outside Cooking, Ball Games, Drawing, Party to celebrate, Trip to a water park , Trip to a beach, Free time in Hextable Gardens (next door to our hall), Go to a Spurs game, McDonalds, Nando’s, Cub Camp, Photographs in the park, Play with Swanley FC, Cubs bike ride, Walk at Knole Park - It’s so touching. Some are photos they uploaded and others are screen shots from our online meeting on Thursday. - Frances, 1st Swanley (Hextable)

Last updated 40 weeks ago