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Royal Tunbridge Wells Scouts Launch a District Challenge

Good News is Great News!
Tell us about your Scouting adventures
whilst in lockdown!
Royal Tunbridge Wells Scouts Launch a District Challenge
By: Brian Hobden - District Commissioner, Royal Tunbridge Wells Scouts

Within 48 hours of the lockdown being announced, Royal Tunbridge Wells Scouts launched a District challenge scheme.

The first challenge was a camping-in challenge, and has seen young people camp in tents, make shift dens and even a cupboard under the stairs, cook a meal ranging from BBQs to roast dinners and take part in camp fire singing as a family.

Each challenge completed receives a certificate. To date over 300 Nights Away at home certificates have been issued and I reckon RTW have now completed over 400 nights away since the start of lockdown.

The second challenge was an International one, we had scouts taking part in international campfires with Kandersteg, joining JOTI and Beavers and Cubs learning their promise in a foreign language and learning about and colouring the scout world badge. One mother wrote to explain how this had given the perfect opportunity to get all her husband's cub stuff from New Zealand out the loft and talk to the kids more about their dad, who sadly died last year, another cub interviewed his French Grandad about his time in Cubs in France.

Over 50 International certificates have now been issued.

The third challenge is St Georges Day when we will encourage all young people and adults to don their uniforms and remake their promise before joining the round of applause for NHS and key workers next week.

All those that complete the challenge receive a certificate and at the end everyone will get a badge, possibly a special a different gold badge if you complete all challenges.

Feedback from parents has been so positive and very appreciative. We have even issued certificates to younger siblings who are not part of scouting to keep it a family challenge.

Last updated 37 weeks ago