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6th Dartford Scouts Join 3D Printing Efforts

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6th Dartford Scouts Join 3D Printing Efforts
By: Jacqui Wilkinson - District Commissioner, Dartford Scouts

Max, Ben, Scarlett, Tommy, Ffion, Theo, Leo and Sam from The Brent (6th Dartford) have all been volunteering time during the current pandemic, printing and making Face Shields for front line workers on their 3D printers.

They have been involved with makers from across the area as part of Kent 3D Printers Guild in the North Kent Face Shields project.

The Face Shields were designed in Europe with groups around the world getting involved. Max and Harley have both been involved in running their family printers during the project.

The group behind the Kent-based project have received donations from councils and individuals alike. Some of this funding has been used to bolster the number of printers available. Max has been involved in building one of the printers now being used.

When asked why they wanted to get involved they all agreed it gave them an opportunity to support workers that are helping us through this crisis. All of them have friends and family who work front line so it was very close to their hearts! As a team, along with other volunteers they have made nearly 4000 units and raised over £8000 so far!

More information can be found here at on our Facebook page.

Last updated 37 weeks ago