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1st Shadoxhurst Beaver Colony Hold Virtual Sleepover

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1st Shadoxhurst Beaver Colony Hold Virtual Sleepover
By: Simon Slater-Cannon - GSL, 1st Shadoxhurst Scout Group

1st Shadoxhurst Beaver colony held their first ever virtual sleepover on the 19th April 2020. Keen to keep Scouting alive, they already hold regular online meetings, and whilst only 30 mins in duration, the Beavers draw on each other and look forward to meeting with their fellow Beavers online.

The aim was to build a den (spelt DAM), out of anything around the home. They were not allowed to use their beds, or mattresses, although building under the bed was allowed as it helped build a cave. Following the guidelines set out for such an event, the parents all came on board and dams were built. One adventurous Beaver even managed to pitch his tent in his bedroom!

We met online on the Saturday night where I changed my background to the deck of the USS Enterprise, and even checked in on Facebook to the said location. We had a Log Chew, treasure hunt, campfire (where the Beavers brought along a twig) and story time before it was time for bed.

To my surprise that evening we had lots of photographs of the parents undertaking many camp activities (food orientated) with the Beavers all achieving their cook awards.

The following morning the Beavers looked worse for wear and the online meeting at 8am, for breakfast, was just that, and a lot of socialising!

After the event we received a number of emails from happy parents thanking us for such a memorable event in these awkward times.

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