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Broadwater Beaver doing his bit!

Good News is Great News!
Tell us about your Scouting adventures
whilst in lockdown!
Broadwater Beaver doing his bit!
By: Suzanne Gale - GSL, 3rd Royal Tunbridge Wells (Broadwater)

While we are all doing our bit by staying home to stop the spread of Covid-19, the leaders at 3rd Royal Tunbridge Wells (Broadwater) want to say a massive well done to one of their Beavers, Jack, who has been making face masks out of his old pyjama's and also ear guard adaptors too!

While the majority of the face masks and ear guard adaptors have been sent to Pembury Hospital, Jack gave a couple of the face masks to 2 paramedics that were called for a neighbour (who Jack is also collecting the post for)!

For those who don't know our cheeky Jack, he's just 6 years old and has actively been cutting the fabric, sewing the majority of the masks and guards, turning them in the right way before handing to Mum to finish off that fiddly bit and adding the buttons.

Well done Jack, you are a star!

Last updated 37 weeks ago