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Beavers Uplift Care Home Spirits

Good News is Great News!
Tell us about your Scouting adventures
whilst in lockdown!
Beavers Uplift Care Home Spirits
By: Mark Johnson - ABSL/ACSL, 2nd Royal Tunbridge Wells Rusthall Scout Group

When Lockdown began we decided to use the links that our 2 Beaver Colonies had forged with Rusthall Lodge our local care home to let them know that the Beavers were thinking of the Residents and Staff in which is a very isolating time for them. Our Leaders set the challenge to do something to cheer them up as they come to terms with having little contact with friends or family.

The Beavers have drawn pictures that they sent to the Leaders which were forwarded on to the home.

We have received word from a parent of one of our Beavers who work there, that the pictures have been put on display in the home and that it did a good job uplifting the spirits of everyone at the home.

There was also a promise of an afternoon tea get together when the lockdown is over so that everyone can thank the Beavers personally.

Last updated 35 weeks ago