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Beavers in Lockdown a Beavers Story!

Good News is Great News!
Tell us about your Scouting adventures
whilst in lockdown!
Beavers in Lockdown a Beavers Story!
By: Claire Keys

Adam, age 7, from Hextable has written the following article about his Scouting during lockdown as part of his Kent Invicta Challenge Badge!

The Bug came so we can’t do Beavers at the Beaver hall and so Wheels started to do Beavers on the computer! She rode her bike and gave us all packs with loads of learning in and things to do. Beavers on the computer is so amazing because you get to do cool stuff like cooking and road safety and stuff like that. We have had lots of visitors at our computer meetings like a good magician, a very helpful road safety person, a brilliant Makaton lady. My 2nd cousin uses Makaton, so now I can talk to her even more. That’s helpful.

Wheels shares screens so we can look what learning she’s doing. We’ve been doing campfires with singing on the TV and we toasted marshmallows that Wheels gave us in our packs, on a candle. It was so yummy! We have done loads of activities in our packs and for badges, like making a rainbow for our windows, doing experiments, writing poems, making a slide from pasta and gummy bears and seeing if a chocolate egg can roll down it, gardening, hiking, afternoon tea, indoor camping, obstacle course and lots more!

I can’t wait for our virtual camp. Thank you. From Adam

Last updated 38 weeks ago