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Squirrels are the newest addition to the Scouting family in the UK. There are only a small number of Squirrel Dreys currently open across the County but the section is for 4 & 5 year olds.

Outdoors activities, fun, games, badges and so much more, Squirrels is the opportunity for young people to learn skills for life. Supported by amazing leaders delivering an inspiring programme.

The Squirrels Scout Promise

I promise to do my best
To be kind and helpful
And to love God.
The Squirrels Scout Law

Scouting is available to people of all faiths.


Whether you’ve already started a Drey or are at the planning stage, these FREE training sessions are open to all leaders in Scouting with an interest in early years. Nine different sessions, including face to face and via zoom. Full details and booking link. Dowload the Squirrels Training Info Pack.

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Kate Ward is the ACC for Squirrels in Kent. If you are looking for support or more information with regards to the section please feel free to get in touch with Kate.

Awards & Badges

Using a range of insights and feedback, The Scouts have designed a curriculum consisting of:

  • 12 Activity Badges
  • Four Challenge Awards
  • a Top Award
  • a Membership Award
  • a Joining In Award
  • a Moving On Award
  • …and also decided that Squirrels would be able to earn Staged Activity Badges.

In addition, Kent Scouts also offers:

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