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Fellowship Events 2005

This page contains details and pictures of the various activities that the Scout Fellowship have had over this year.

Tonbridge Fellowship sporting their snazzy and distinctive jackets at their AGM. These were in evidence at St George’s Day this year and certainly raised the profile of Fellowship.

Members of Malling and Sevenoaks joined forces for an evening of the ancient Kentish game of Bat and Trap. A fine summer’s evening with refreshments and nibbles commenced with some friendly rivalry between Fellowships. The evening finished with the combined ladies playing against the gentlemen. Thanks to Sevenoaks for the invitation. All Players The Ladies The Gents

On Sunday 12th June some 10 Fellowships from across the County gathered for an afternoon of consultation about how we should push forward with Active Support for young people and Leaders in the County. Topics covered included what would make Fellowship work better in Districts? What is Fellowship in 2005? Why is Fellowship important? Lots of ideas, thoughts and challenges that are being collated so that a plan can be formulated. Watch out for further updates in CCC.

To find out more about the Scout Fellowship and how you can help please click on the Sections link at the top and locate the fellowship section.

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