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Jargon Buster

Term Description
AAC Assistant Area Commissioner
ABSL Assistant Beaver Scout Leader
AC Area Commissioner
ACC Assistant County Commissioner
ACSL Assistant Cub Scout Leader
ADC Assistant District Commissioner.
Advisor A person who is appointed to advise on a particular subject e.g. Activities advisor
AESL Assistant Explorer Scout Leader
AGM Annual General Meeting - The council meeting held annually to fulfil the charity commissions requirements
AGSL Assistant Group Scout Leader
Akela A name for Cub Scout Leders reserved for fully trained and wood badged leaders.
Alert The command to stand with feet together and arms by your side when on parade
APL Assistant Patrol Leader - the second in command of a Scout Patrol
ASL Assistant Scout Leader
Assessor A person who is appointed to assess practical skills for an Adventurous Activity Permit e.g. Dinghy Sailing or Abseiling & Climbing.
Backwoods The term covers skills and activities involving "Survival skills" to live in remote areas with little equipment and support
Baden Powell Lord Robert Baden-Powell was the founder of the Scout Movement
Beaver Scout The first section for young people aged 6-8
Beavers Short name for Beaver Scouts
BP Baden Powell - the founder of the Scout Movement and the first Chief Scout and only Chief Scout of the World
BSL Beaver Scout Leader
CC County Commissioner
Colony A Beaver Scout Section. Beavers are aged 6 to 8.
Colours The term used to describe flags. Group colours are the Group flags etc.
Compass Compass is the Scout Association National Membership system
County A County is a collection of Scout Districts. i.e. Kent County consists of Ashford, Canterbury Whitstable and Herne Bay, Dartford, Deal Walmer and Sandwich, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone and Hythe, Gillingham, Gravesham, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone East, Maidstone South, Maidstone West, Malling, Medway Towns, Romney Marsh, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Sittingbourne and Milton, Swanley, Thanet, Tonbridge and Weald.
CSA Chief Scout's Award
CSL Cub Scout Leader
Cubs The short name for Cub Scouts
DBS The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formally known as the CRB) which allows the Scout Association to check the status of all volunteers.
DC District Commissioner.
DCC Deputy County Commissioner
DESA District Explorer Scout Administrator
DESC District Explorer Scout Commissioner
District A Scout District is made up of a number of individual Groups led by the District Commissioner
DNAA District Nights Away Advisor
Do Your Best Cub Scout motto
DofE Duke of Edinburgh -  Short form for Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme
ES Explorer Scout
ESL Explorer Scout Leader
Explorer Scout An invested member of the Movement aged between 14 and 18
Explorer Scout Unit This is the collective name given to a grouping of Explorer Scouts who meet together as a section
Explorer Scouts The section for young people age 14-18, operated on a District level.
Family camp A Camp where "Scouts" camp with their families and take part in activities with the other families organised by the Leaders and Helpers
Fellowship Now known as Scout Active Support
Flysheet The outer canvas over a tent which helps to insulate the tents inhabitants from the elements
Form AA Appointment of adults application
Founder See Baden-Powell
Gang show A scout show of songs and sketches. Originally national shows run by Ralph Reader who wrote much of the original material An Official Gang show has to be registered
Gift aid A special type of cash donation where tax can be reclaimed on the amount donated
Gilwell Park National HQ and training centre located at Chingford in London - Opened in 1919
Group The local unit of Scouting that will consist of one or more sections and be lead by a Group Scout Leader - GSL
GSL Group Scout Leader
Guy line The ropes which run from a tent to the pegs and are the means of support for ensuring the tent remains upright in all weathers
HQ National Scout Headquarters of the UK Scout Association
Induction The welcoming and support of new members
Investiture A simple ceremony when a new member makes the Scout Promise for the first time and is welcomed into Scouting
JOTA Jamboree-on-the-air - Amateur radio event linking "Scouts" throughout the world
JOTI Jamboree-on-the-internet - Internet event linking "Scouts" throughout the world
Jungle Book Book written by Rudyard Kipling - Used as a theme for Cub Scouting
Law The law by which all members of the Movement strive to live their lives
Leader Used to describe those adults who hold a Warrant
Lights out Term used in camp to mean the end of the day or when all lights are to be extinguished and quite should be observed
Movement A term used to describe the whole of Scouting throughout the world
NAN Nights Away Notification
NAP Nights Away Permit
Necker The distinctive triangle of cloth which is rolled or folder up and worn around the neck
Network Short for Scout Network - This is a County co-ordinated network for Members aged 18 to 25 years
Orienteering Using a compass (and map) to navigate around a given route
OS Ordnance Survey - Organisation who produce maps of the UK
Pack A Cub Scout Section that will be divided into groups called Sixes, each lead by a Sixer. Cubs are aged 8 - 10.
Patrol A small group of Scouts within the Scout Troop
Patrol Leader Scout in charge of a Patrol in the Scout Troop
PL Patrol Leader - the Scout in charge of a Scout Patrol
POR Policy, Organisation & Rules - The rule book of the UK Scout Association.
Primus A make of pressure stove which uses paraffin or petrol but is used as a general term for this type of stove
PRO Public Relations Officer
QM Quartermaster - the individual responsible for food and or equipment at the Group HQ or at camp
QSA Queen's Scout Award
Queen's Scout An individual who has gained the Queen's Scout Award as a Explorer or Network member
Ridge tent A tent which has a central ridge pole between two upright poles to support the canvas such as a patrol tent
RYA Royal Yachting Association
SAS Scout Active Support - Allows adults to give their time to Scouting on a flexible basis without the full-time commitment of being a leader.
Scout The third section for young people aged 10½ to 14 - Scout is also used as a general term for all from Beavers to adults
Scout Fellowship Individuals aged 18 or over to work together to provide active support to Scouting in the local community
Scout Leader Adult responsible to the Group Scout Leader for the running of the Scout Troop within a Group
Scout logo The logo which has the arrowhead badge and the words scouts - be prepared .
Scout Network This is a County co-ordinated network for Members aged 18 to 25 years
Scouts The section within a Group for children age 10½-14.
Section A generic term for the sub-groups within a Scout Group. Ie, the Beaver Section, the Cub Section, etc.
Section Leader The adult appointed to manage and run a Section
Service team Group of individuals who service a Camp site, District, County etc by running activities, doing maintenance etc.
Silver Acorn Adult award for outstanding service to Scouting
Silver Arrow Obsolete second award in the Cub Scout section
Silver Cross Gallantry award
Sisal A form of hemp cordage used to do lashings in pioneering projects
Six A small group of scouts within the Cub Scout Pack
Sixer The Cub Scout in charge of a Cub Scout Six
SL Scout Leader
Sleepover A Beaver Scout activity held over two days
SNAPS Supporter of the Nights Away Permit Scheme
Splice A method of intertwining the strands of ropes to form a stopper at the end of a rope or an eye or to join ropes together
Strike camp Dismantle the camp. Tidy all equipment up ready for departure
Survival kit A pack of useful items carried on a hike to aid survival. Contents may include: Survival blanket/bag, emergency card, coins for phone, razor blade/pocket knife, needle, safety pins, pencil & paper, storm matches, whistle, torch/candle, torch batteries (separate) spare compass, boot laces, toilet paper, glucose tables, chocolate, Kendal mint cake, polythene bag to carry water, personal first aid kit.
TA Training Advisor
Trainer A person who has recognised competence levels in training others within the movement
Troop A Scout Section which will be made up of a number of Patrols each lead by a Patrol Leader.  Scouts are aged 10 to 14
TSA The Scout Association
Tuck shop The place on a campsite where drinks, sweets, crisps, souvenirs, badges, pennants, chocolate etc can be bought.
Uniform Each section has a specific uniform. All Scouts wear a coloured necker (scarf), which is supplied by the Group when being invested.
Unit An Explorer Scout Unit which is managed by the District.  Members are aged 14 - 18
Warden Person appointed to run a camp site or activity centre/Hostel
Warrant The membership card issued by HQ to adults who hold certain positions within the movement (Leaders, Commissioners, Assistant Leaders, Assistant Commissioners)
Woggle A scarf ring used to hold the neckerchief or scarf in place around the neck
Wood Badge The adult training emblem awarded on completion of adult training throughout the world.
World badge The World Scout emblem
World Jamboree Large international gathering of Scouts held every four years
WOSM World Organisation of the Scout Movement
WSC World Scout Committee
WSJ World Scout Jamboree

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