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Beaver Scout Sleepover

Kent County Beaver Scout Sleepover 3/4th June 2006 20th Birthday Celebration Venue Sutton valence Preparatory School, Underhill Chart Sutton, Maidstone

116 Beaver Scouts from 14 colonies joined together to celebrate the 20th Birthday of Beaver Scouts in Kent. The boys and girls arrived at 2 pm on Saturday and were entertained by the’ Hullabaloo Road show ‘ which was a great ice breaker for everyone.

The next activity was to make their own sandwiches and ice buns, which went down a treat. Quiet an experience for everyone (a bit like feeding the five thousand!)

Leaders were left to clear the decks while the Beavers split into teams and went to join in with lots of sports activities. Cricket, football, tennis, rounder netball. Quidich, mask making ,mural painting tent pitching / knotting, parachute games, followed by a Scavenger hunt.Wheew!

Time for hot dogs and a drink!

Neil and his Scouts then did Campfire singing by which time the sun was going down and it was bed time. Great excitement for everyone laying out there beds and settling down to watch a film. As you can imagine most Beavers were really tired and ready for some ZZZZZZ. Only

One little lad went home during the night because he was home sick.

Most beavers were awake and ready for a brand new day by about 7 am. All hands on deck to pack up their kit and sit down for a cereal and fruit breakfast.

The next task was to write a thought for the day on a paper plate which was then used at our Scouts own. Gill from Strood district lead this and gave us all a thought provoking talk using spinning plates and people!

The morning went like magic!

Relay races, a string trail. Tramp lining. We had fun using Space hoppers, investigating science. nature/ bugs, making aeroplanes and models from Lego were just some of the activities on hand.

Sadly it was soon time for our closing ceremony at which all the Beaver scouts received a commemorative bag with the Kent Beaver Scout logo on it.

A great experience for Beavers and their Leaders!

Kathy Smith

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