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2006 Cooking and Camping Competition

In the crisp early morning mist of September 30th 8 teams of scouts from across the county descended on Adamswell Campsite in Tunbridge Wells for the 2006 Cooking and Camping Competition.

The rules had been relaxed this year and teams now had the option of sleeping in nylon tents and even heating their washing up water on a gas stove so the judges had an interesting time ahead of them.

It didn't take long for the peaceful tranquillity of the site where rabbits chased each other in the dew to transform into a small town of canvas an nylon as scouts of all ages set about making a home for the weekend.

The general standard was very good and it didn't take long for the more experienced scouts to start helping others with some of their tasks. It was a competition but inter-team friendships soon formed and everybody seemed to be getting more from the experience than simply putting up tents better than the next troop.

By mid afternoon everybody was settling down to start work on Saturday Dinner and it soon became apparent that many of them had spent a considerable time preparing for the event and many of the meals were to a standard that even the fussiest scout would not hesitate to eat.

Saturday Evening saw another new feature of the event a Camp Fire, and many thanks to Gareth Wilkinson from Gillingham who did a superb job of keeping the spirit of the campfire alive for over two hours and to the Scouts themselves who produced a mixture old and new campfire songs and stunts. As they headed off to bed afterwards everybody had learnt something they hadn't seen before.

Sunday morning was again damp and everybody was hungry to which there was only one solution, cook breakfast! The smell of cooked food from the middle of the site had all the judges wishing that had eaten one more bacon roll for breakfast after all, but they were not disappointed as once again the food was to a very high standard.

Almost as soon as it started the competition seemed to be over and as the tents were packed away, fingers were frantically laptop keyboards working out the final score.

The overall winners were the team from 1st Ruckinge and Hamstreet who once again demostrated their mastery of the Campsite and Kitchen, all the judges were very impressed and in several sections they scored full marks.

Close behind were the teams from 5th Deal, 1st Cheriton and Longfield & Hartley. Other districts represented were Malling, Gillingham, Tonbridge and Sittingbourne all of whom demonstrated how important Camping is to Scouting and that given the right training and equipment scouts will always be ready to spend a night under canvas, or this year possibly nylon!

Thanks again to eveybody who helped and made this an enjoyable weekend for everybody.

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