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Explorer Survival Hike

Over the weekend of the 10-11th February 2007 many teams took park in a 40 mile Explorer Survival Hike in and around the Canterbury area.

Thirty six teams entered the gruelling 40 mile Maidstone Explorers Survival Hike, which was held in the Canterbury area, over the weekend 10/11th February but only four teams finished the course.

The weather over the weekend was at times wet but not unduly cold but to spend 4 hours in a survival bag in Ross Wood it must have seemed uncomfortable if not perishing.

Starting at 7pm on Friday evening there was some four hours of walking before the obligatory stop and up again at first light for the remainder of the check points.

The four teams who completed the course were Apollo & Kipling units from Gravesham and units from Sevenoaks & Weald.

The winner from these four will be announced as soon as the detailed timings have been worked out.

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