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Sky Park Hop - 2nd February 2008

Sky Park Hop was held at 'Tree jumpers' at the Hop Farm Paddock Wood. We had allot of new faces on this event, many Scouts came without their leaders looking apprehensive.

They were split into groups and rotated on the Climbing Wall, Zip Wire 1 (slow) and Zip wire 2 (fast) both long. Crate Stacking, Z bar, Leap of Faith, Jacobs Ladder and a Short and Fast Zip Wire.

The Crate stacking-the highest build of the day was 23 crates. I stood and watched one group struggling to pass crates at 15 high. The team work involved to get each other to the top of the Jacobs ladder was outstanding. They almost literally use each other as a footing, holding clothes or hands and dragging each other up and onwards. And occasionally!! the help of the pull of the rope from below. Leap of Faith is always the test will they won't they? Some the personal goal is reaching the top, for some getting on the platform, then the leap.... Now we have the experienced who now turn upside down whilst being lowered.

By the afternoon they all had made friends and gained confidence. They were all now going down the Zip wires either in star shapes or upside down. Occasionally the right way round.

Some parts of the Country are covered in snow. We were bathing in sunshine. The Scouts were covered in mud.

Dean Harding

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