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Outdoor Challenge Weekend 4th - 6th April

April 4th - 6th we ran an Outdoor Challenge weekend. We had 60 Scouts join us, some only just joining the section.
The idea of the weekend was to gain some scouting skills plus working towards the Outdoor Challenge over a weekend residential experience.
They learnt skills such as - pitching and striking a tent, Light a fire, hygiene on a camp in a cooking environment, Keeping belongings tidy and organised within their accommodation. Maintain an orderly site, camp planning and organisation, wide games, campfire entertainment, pioneering, build a camp gadget such as a washing up bowl stand and flag pole. Explore the campsite, how to use safely an axe and saw. Backwoods cooking such as boiling noodles and frying eggs without cooking utensils. Skinning, preparation and spit roasting a rabbit. (Wild). Camp ovens and cooked baked potatoes and apple crumble. Map and compass work. Wax cookers in a tin. Knots and Lashings, Woggle making, peg and mallet making. First Aid knowing how and when to put a patient in the recovery position, how to recognise and treat fractures, bleeding and the importance when to get adult help. Menu planning, Campsite layout, Tracking, different ways to light a fire, seeing and using different types of gas stoves and lamps and the safe use of them.
A packed weekend with the opportunity for every Scout to learn a new skill and enabling them to work with their leader to fulfil the remainder of the requirements.
We went from a sunny day Saturday to a chilly snowy Sunday. But this did not dampen their spirits it just enthused them more.
Helen Povey
Scout Section Support Team


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