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My Extreme Investiture

My Extreme Investiture

My Investiture was fun because my Scout group and  other Scout groups went on an activity day in Dartford. We were put in to 3 groups.

Group one did shooting outside, group 2 did climbing and  group 3 were inside shooting crossbows.  I did shooting outside, then wall climbing and then I did shooting inside.

I was going to do wall climbing first so that I could get invested at the beginning but Dean Harding , the one who was investing me was not there. After we had finished the first activity we were doing we had a barbecue. We had a burger  each and we helped ourselves to drinks.

After the barbecue, I went wall climbing and while I was hanging off the wall I got invested. I did not feel one bit nervous. After I got invested I did some abseiling.

After that I did shooting inside. You had to knock the cans down and if you did you got a sweet. I won lots of sweets and then I said goodbye to everyone and I went home.

By Vicky Dixon
2nd Sheppey Scouts.

Melvin Wilson


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