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Maidstone and Malling Cubs Blast Off into Space

Over 100 Cubs from Maidstone and Malling got together for the weekend at Lenham Primary School to learn all about the stars and planets to enable them to complete the Astronomer Badge. 

They journeyed into space, practised being an astronaut and even ate some space icecream.  They star gazed using a variety of methods – including the chance to look through some powerful telescopes – Saturn was spotted by many.  They made moon flick books, moon buggies and rockets. 

They even had a go at working in space using specially modified equipment to simulate the experience.  A late night and an early morning for all,  but an early start was essential as the Astrodome was arriving early to set up. 

It was a highlight for many and everyone got the chance to journey through the universe.

At the end all the Cubs were presented with their Astronomer activity badge, a certificate and a special certificate from the Astrodome.

A great event for all the Cubs and Leaders who came along.  Thanks to everyone who helped in some way to make it all happen.

Beccy Martin
Deputy ACC Cubs

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