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Kent County Beaver Scout Sleepover 2009

The County Beaver Scout team with help from Thanet, Folkestone and Canterbury Leaders held a very successful back to back sleepover at Garlinge Primary and Nursery school at the beginning of March.

Beavers aged 6 to 8yrs old joined together from Thanet, Canterbury, and Swanley Districts and welcomed a Colony all the way from Saffron Walden to take part in a variety of sports and craft activates.

They tried there hand at rounder football, hockey, team and parachute games and had loads of FUN on the adventure play area! The boys and girls learnt about healthy eating and made there own sandwiches, decorated cakes as well as making fruit and vegetable faces!

‘The Hullabaloo Road Show ‘ did a fabulous job entertaining the youngsters and there Leaders! THE HIGHLIGHTS of the evening were playing a wide game in the dark with torches and learning lots of new songs around a mock campfire!

The Beaver scout were a real credit to there Leaders and all settled down to a good nights sleep after all the fun and frolics of the very busy day!

During this event the Beavers worked towards their Health ad Fitness Activity Badge, Healthy eating Nights Away and The Kent Invicta Challenge!

Kathy Smith ACCBS

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