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Maidstone & Malling Cubs Giant Sleepover

016 Fantastic result on the fundraising total from the Giant Sleepover - The total has risen since the presentation to £2178.50 - Brilliant - well done everyone!  You should be very proud of yourselves.

Over 100 Cubs and their Leaders spent the night in The Mall, the town centre shopping centre in Maidstone.  Once the shops had shut the Cubs took over the centre to raise their awareness of homelessness in Maidstone.   The Cubs found their spot to sleep, shop doorways being the most popular!   A variety of activities were on offer during the evening and the Maidstone Charity for Homeless and Vulnerable People were on hand to explain to the Cubs what it is like to be homeless. 

The Cubs designed posters and pretended to be homeless person deciding what to put in their rucksacks.  The highlight for many was building furniture out of cardboard.  Sofas, beds, chairs and even televisions were constructed, and prizes awarded for the best.

The evening was rounded off with a camp fire with many of the Cubs taking a turn to lead a song.  Well done to everyone and especially Linda, Akela from Ditton Lions who lead the singing.

The lights were off and everyone settled down.  It was surprising how light it stayed, as the security lighting and the shop lighting created quite a glow!

Breakfast came, kindly donated by some of the shops in the Centre and then it was time to pack up kit.  A special badge had been designed and was awarded to everyone to wear on uniforms until the end of the year.  Certificates were presented by Suzie Brindle, from The Mall who had worked hard to ensure the evening was a success.

All the Cubs are now busy collecting in their sponsor money which will be given to the charity.  We know we have already raised in excess of £100.

Thanks to everyone who came along, and in particular to the Cub team on the evening, Ken, Sue, Linda, Jim and Harvey!

If you get the chance try and sleep in your local shopping centre - it is certainly an experience not to be missed!

Beccy Martin - Deputy ACC Cubs

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