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Lower Grange Farm - Our Vision

Our vision for Lower Grange Farm is to make it a leading centre for youth and work on site is moving forward to bring it to reality.

Photos of the 3D model showing how the site will look in the future with green roofs, bright glass corridors and large interaction areas can be seen below.

A clear message we've heard throughout is the importance of sustainability, ensuring the building is environmentally friendly and supports the local ecology. An environmental development team made up of young people with specialist expertise are guiding such decisions looking at issues from conservation to ethical development.

Whilst this is being worked on with the development team, funding bids and grant applications are being prepared to generate the capital required to complete such an important ground breaking youth project. We're excited at the potential Lower Grange Farm has to offer young people for generations to come. If you would like to know more or feel you can assist in realising that potential, please get in touch.

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