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Cubs - Skater Badge Day

It seemed like a good idea at the time - how many times have you heard that? Then the day actually dawns and all the planning, thought and preparations are about to be put to the test! The Skater badge test to be exact. Nearly 400 Kent Cubs were due to come to Buckmore Park on Saturday 15th February, between 9.30am and 4.30pm to be tested for their skater badge. Cubs from all around the County had polished their skateboards and cleaned their inlines - perfected turns, learnt safety rules, practised falling down safely and of course found the helmets and pads!

With the co-operation of Buckmore Park the County Cub Scout Team organised the day - professional skaters were to be the testers - yes they smiled all day even when faced with Cubs who could just stand up. A few minutes of coaching and encouragement and the difference was amazing. The Fellowship made cups of tea and dished out orange squash to thirsty Cubs all day. Cub Leaders acted as testers for the safety part of the badge and checked equipment - there are just so many ways you can ask where you should or should not skate!!!

Their patience and perseverance was great - even the shyest Cub joined in and was able to explain how they kept themselves safe on their skates. Some of the stories about experiences on skates can't be repeated!

During the morning the County Commissioner, Kelvin Holford, gathered together some Cubs on skates and Leaders who weren't and presented Bunty Ridgway with her warrant as ACC Cubs - an occasion Bunty will remember!

The award for perseverance must go to Jim, Ken and Mike who tested the skateboarders outside. The temperature ranged from 2ºC to 4ºC - but by the time the wind got up in the afternoon then it dropped even further. 

Of course, not everyone turned up who said they would, and by the end of the day 285 Cubs came along. A few were sent home to practise and brush up on their skills - but on the whole most of the Cubs were awarded their badge. So is this a scouting-record for the skaters badge?

Rebecca Martin

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