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Cub Scouts Big Day Out to celebrate the Jubilee

Kent County Cub Scouts Big Day Out to celebrate the Jubilee

854 Cubs and Leaders descended on Port Lympne Zoo Park, near Hythe on Sunday 13th October 2002. The weather forecast was dreadful, and the day started off cloudy and grey, but soon the sun was trying to peek through and we hoped we were in for a dry day!

The excited chatter of the Cubs could be heard in the car park, as we waited to greet them and book them in. At the strike of 10 o'clock the first Pack came thundering down the ramp eager to explore the zoo. They were quickly followed by more and more Cubs - 100's of them!!

Everyone was given a treasure hunt sheet, which had been compiled by the zoo staff to explore and learn about different aspects of gorilla life. Everyone wore specially commissioned pin badges to commemorate the day.

Leaders armed with maps, instructions and eager children went into the park to see all the animals, have a trailer ride and most importantly to start eating their picnics!

Kent Cubs have sponsored a black and white colobus monkey for the year, and all the Packs have been given a certificate and fact pack by Port Lympne. As a team - we felt that as we were taking a load of monkeys to the zoo then we might as well sponsor one!

Unfortunately the rain started - but we were determined not to let it dampen our spirits. Meridian TV came and interviewed some Cubs and filmed the highlight of the day - the gorillas tea party. 9 Lucky Cubs were selected to help feed the gorillas. Bananas, apples, oranges and lemons were hurled by the Cubs over an electrified fence and wall -grabbed by hungry and eager gorillas. I don't know who was more surprised at the encounter - the gorillas or the Cubs.

Whilst this was going on the rest of us were standing on the gorilla ha-ha which is a long walkway eating a muffin and having a drink - we were all truly part of the tea party. The biggest we've ever been to!

The gift shop was overrun with children wanting to spend every last penny they had - and a weird selection of plastic animals, masks, creepy things and lots more were snapped up and taken home.

Everyone enjoyed the day - I'm not sure about the gorillas though! They seemed to be a bit shocked at the sight of all these Cubs. Still when everyone had departed the Park resumed its normal tranquillity.

Thanks to all the Leaders for giving up their time to bring the Cubs, organise transport etc - we couldn't have done it without you.


Jane Beccy and Bunty
County Cub Scout Team

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