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JANUS 2002 was a camp for Scouts and Guides in Kent and ran from Monday 29th July until Saturday 10th August 2002 near Patterdale in the Lake District. This site tells the story of JANUS 2002 in words and pictures.

The ICA team visited the site in January and took several pictures. 1 2 3 4
The Advance Party arrived at the site on Saturday 27th to get everything setup for the arrival of the Janusites on Monday. Here are some pictures of the site 1 2 as the Advance party started setting up. There was the all-important task of pumping up beds and putting up tents in the wind.

On Sunday, preparations continued to get ready for the arrival of the Janusites. The crew in the camp office were getting all the camp ID's ready and booking in the Advance party. There were several attempts to find places on site where mobile phones worked without much success. Messages could be sent to the Janusites via a special web page which was available during the camp. Kelvin was on hand to help hammer in some pegs. That evening the hungry advance party queued for their well-earned evening meal.

Monday has started with a nice bright day, at the time of writing it's breakfast time and the nice smell of cooking bacon is drifting though the camp site. After breakfast each activity continued setting up, here the Water Activities team are preparing the boats for use, in their area next to the lake. The First Aid Team play an important part of any camp so everything has to be tested including the beds.

Just after 2pm the Janusites started to arrive on site via mini bus from the main road. Once all the sub camps were established they had dinner and prepared for the opening Ceremony.

At 20:55 a large firework indicating it was time to gather for the opening of JANUS 2002 awoke the quiet camp. Each sub camp proceeded in turn from their tents to the flag pole 1 2. The Camp Chief, Eve welcomed everyone to the site and introduced each of the service teams which received a cheer from the Janusites. Once this was complete Trevor the Deputy brought the camp to alert and the camp flags were broken. Kelvin the County Commissioner asked the Janusites to count down the official launch which concluded in explosions, the bar opening and the disco commencing. An evening of meeting people, laughter and fun ensued.

We woke to a very misty Tuesday morning. The generators, which provide power to site started at 8am and the Janusites prepared for their expeditions. The Hills Activity Team briefed the teams before the final preparations and kit checking. Here are some of the teams 1 2 3 before they were taken to the start points by mini bus. In Camp Activities (ICA) took bookings for many on site and local activities. These included Swimming, First Response, Derwent Pencil Museum and Go-Carting with many more being added. All the activities continued though out the day with a brief thunder storm and some rain about 2pm. As part of the Hills activity abseiling is very popular 1 2 3 4. In the evening there was a film quiz in the ICA marquee which was well attended.

Tuesday's rain continued into Wednesday morning causing the field become water logged in various places which meant that some of the sub camps had to relocate to the higher part of the site. With all moves complete and after a nights sleep the marquees were moved too. In the low part of the field large puddles appeared which allowed some fun and games 1 2 3 . Andy from Hills found a good use for the one near his marquee as a personal foot wash. The Water Team managed to find the puddle in the car park was deep enough to canoe in! The rain did not stop any activities. While it rained the ICA's coffee shop proved a popular stopping point where board and card games were played . Emails were also sent in reply to incoming messages from the web site. At 7pm there was a Heads of Departments meeting which was followed by the evenings activity from the ICA team was the film 'Monsters Inc' with freshly produced popcorn.

We awoke today, Thursday, with a strong wind blowing though the valley. This helped dry off the tents and the equipment some of which were in tents with de-humidifiers to speed up the process. Most of the Janusites are off site today on various trip and walks. The wind made for good sailing and kite flying. All the flags on site were flying high 1 2 3 4. Todays project at the YPA (Young persons Activities) was making animals from blow up balloons. This afternoon we saw the return of the teams back from the 2 day expeditions. These included Joanne, Joanna, Jenny and Stephanie from Faversham Rangers. Tom, Will, Adam and Michael from St Pauls Maidstone. Emily, Michael, Chris and Pete from Oranjeboom. Pete, Lee, shem and Ricki from 1st St Lawerance.

The evening event in the ICA marquee was Party Games. A multiple of Janusites ran around, dressed up, played with helium filled balloons, fruit, spoons, string, and then limboed in the muddy straw filled ICA marquee. The Oranjeboom team were triumphant and walked away with a huge bar of chocolate. For those who did not win the chocolate the burger bar was doing well.

Today, Friday, activities continued as normal. There were trips to Ambleside for shopping and a trip to the cinema. The first group to successfully complete a Queen's Scout expedition arrived back on site around 3pm today. The group of 5 have walked approximately 80km (50 miles) over the past 4 days from Buttermere back to the Janus campsite. One of the group, Fergus, was also using the expedition for his Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. He is the only person to complete a D of E Gold expedition at Janus 2002! James, John, Jason, Fergus, Shaun.

Another first for Janus 2002 - the first 3 day expedition group arrived back today after walking 60km and camping wild (not at a "real" campsite) for 2 nights. They are all a bit wet, footsore and tired but had an excellent time Theo, Jon, Alex, Ben and Freya. Phil, Tom, Natalie, Jenny, Richard and Katherine also completed their expedition.

Although the rain continued throughout the day, trench digging teams ensured that the relevant parts of the site drained. The mud near the ICA tent needed a good rake to clear it. The puddle we saw Andy washing his feet in earlier in the week gained some ducks this afternoon. The talent contest in the ICA marquee proved very popular with various acts including the staff rendition of the 12 days of JANUS and an arm wrestling contest.

We awoke Saturday morning, not with the sound of rain or the cold but the heat coming though the canvas.

The sun has got his hat on
Hip Hip Hooray
The sun has got his hat on
and Janusites are drying out today

The ICA team ventured out from their dining marquee and had breakfast on one of the few remaining parts of green grass near their tents. Bob managed to get some pallets from a local trading estate and the ICA decking was laid between the tents. Flag break this morning was by Oranjeboom. As everyone started to dry out a helicopter from the local Mountain Rescue circled the camp. The sub-camps started the drying out process 1 2 3 4 5. The ICA coffee shop had a change around enabling more room with straw bales to sit on. A poem by Jim from Water Activities. The Cassiopeia in full sail and Felicity afloat with our canoe fleet.

Just as dinner finished the rain started again for about an hour and the almost dry site turned back into muddy puddles. The Bar and its staff has played an important part in evening activities and people (ed. - staged photograph) enjoyed themselves every night. All finishing at 10:30 to allow the local residents of Patterdale to have an early night enjoyed the evening event 'Music in the Mud'.

Sunday is JANUSaid Day
To quote the JANUS 2002 Handbook, "This will be our way of raising money, by fair means or foul to support a worthwhile local charity".

The drying out continued into Sunday with the sun coming out and a gentle breeze blowing though the campsite. Admin were moved from their muddy area to more solid pitch, this is the muddy path to and from the gate. Trips organised by ICA pool ran during the day to the swimming pool and the pictures. The YPA visited the sheep shearing by our farmer after they had started JANUSaid early charging to cross the bridge.

Russell, Krystina, Sabina and Stephen returned from their expedition today. We had a site visit from Edi a Group Scout Leader from Carlisle who carried out the formal camp inspection on behalf of Cumbria Scouts. At 7:30pm a Scouts Own was held at the flag pole. The Janusites and Leaders attended in JANUS uniforms. There were readings and many songs some with actions.

After Scouts Own, the ICA prepared for the JANUSaid 'Party in the Dark' evening. The Lights and speakers were moved outside. Harvey and Bob prepared themselves to compare the evening. Catherine was selling tickets for the ICA raffle, with loads of camp friendly prizes including clean socks, toilet rolls, wet wipes and of course the bottles of beer. Martin and Clare were taking requests and Simon was playing the music from the Roadshow. There were a multitude of ridiculous money raising ideas: The bar increased the price of beer by 10p; GUESS? asked what's their sub-camp name and ICA held a spot the volley ball & sheep on a hill. The event finished at 10:30 and the camp was quiet by 11pm.

The weather was on our side on Monday morning when we woke. Richard, Chris, Alan and Matt from sub-camp Guess? returned from their expedition. With such a good day Chris and Simon took the opportunity to air the ICA marquee by dropping the sides and started to rake up the now drying straw. The YPA got ready for a trip to Keswick.

Teams went off climbing. Over the camp the Hills Team have been busy with 80-90 Janusites have been hanging up and down on various rock crags in the area. Single pitch top rope climbing has been available at Thornhow Crag, Brown Slabs, near Keswick and Edmunds Crag. All these climbs are graded at Difficult to Severe, with a few Very Severe. All the Top Rope climbs have been to a height of between 20m and 40m. Multipitch climbing has been held at Shepherds crag near Keswick. 1 2 These routes are generally around 80m in height and graded at Severe or Very Severe.

Overall we have climbed in excess of 3000m with the Janusites beating the Climbing team 2000m to 1000m approximately 1.

The evenings entertainment was a quiz held outside by sub-camp Guess?. With many teams from different sub-camps 1 2. The winning team was a combination of ICA and First Aid. After the quiz some T-shirts were auctioned by Ian which raised £40 for JANUSaid, this was followed by soothing music from the Roadshow. The night finished with a clear sky with the stars twinkling above.

Tuesday started dry and cloudy, thankfully the mud is beginning to dry out and the site can now be walking on in something else that boots or Wellies.


The "Big One"

Today saw 32 Janusites and 29 leaders walk down a vertical fact of rock and then free fall while sliding down a 57 metre (170 feet) length of rope into a water filled (28 metre deep) disused copper/slate quarry at Hodges Close near Coniston.

At the bottom of the rope was a 1 metre window landing storage. Where they were able to watch 'Cave Divers' practicing their techniques in the deep, cold, clear fresh water.

This event was organised by the Climbing Team as their contribution to "JANUS AID" with over £244 being given in donations. Here are some pictures.. Anna Catherine Chile Clair M Hannah Harvey Ian F Karen C Lee Mark Vicky Graham F QM Swimmers 1 2 3 At Start Through Cavern

In the evening over 70 people went swimming, once everyone was out we had 70 clean Janusites and leaders. Meanwhile back at camp there was a film shown in the ICA marquee. As the evening finished and people headed off to their sub-camps as it started to rain.

We awoke Wednesday morning to a cold dry morning which a strong breeze blowing the campsite. At 10am 35 Janusites and leaders headed off to Keswick to see the Derwent Pencil Factory, followed by time to do some shopping before returning at 3pm. We were not so lucky with the weather and it rained several times.

The ICA team had their meal cooked by Site Catering which we had bought as part of the Janus Aid 'Buy a chef for an evening' auction.

The Karaoke evening that started at 8pm was very popular. Many Janusites (some dressed in relevant costumes). 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

We awoke Thursday morning after a very windy night where all out tent guys were tested. It was not a warm day. A large number of Janusites were off site doing the last activity required for their JANUS Certificate.

The Janus Certificate is awarded to Janusites who meet the following requirements:

  • Undertake a minimum 36 hour expedition properly planned and approved by the Expeditions HOD Or Spend 2 full days on the hills or on the water, approved by the relevant HOD as suitable.
  • Undertake two different approved adventurous activities. You are encouraged to try a variety of activities, both wet and dry!
  • Spend one full day working on the service project.
  • Camp to a high standard.
  • Exhibit a high level of personal conduct, not letting yourself, or your movement, down
  • Play a full part in the operation of your Janus sub-camp.

The ICA evening swim was well attended which was followed by Line Dancing in the Marquee to all the old favourites and some new dances. At about 10pm the rain started and the mud that had almost solidified returned.

During the camp Sue ran six First Aid and First Response Classes. 68 people achieved their First Response and First Aid certificates. Useful skills such as dealing with head injuries and accident management as well as having fun bandaging each other and practicing recovery position and resuscitation techniques. We would like to thank the Maidstone Division of St John Ambulance for the loan of their 'Annies'.

Friday was the last full day on site and the weather was still damp. At 10am, Janusites headed down to the Water for the regatta. All sorts of competitions took place during the morning 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. In the afternoon tents started to be taken down and packing up and getting ready for the trip home. The lorry with the bulky items started to be packed organised by the QM team.

At 7:30pm everyone gathered round the camp file and it was lit. Various songs were sung and each sub-camp entered into the circle of people and sang a campfire song 1 2 3. Once finished we assembled round the flag poll for the JANUS closing ceremony. The farmer was presented with a photograph of the campsite from the hill behind and their two children were given JANUS shirts. JANUSaid had been a great success, the money was donated to the local Mountain Rescue Center and to the local primary school. Then the JANUS awards were presented along with the many other certificates gained over the two weeks. There were a large number of people who gained water sports certificates, the largest amount the Water Activities Team had seen at a camp before. Peter was presented with a T-shirt with a copy of his JANUS ID badge (See the Daley Pater for the story).

The flags were lowered and then there was a spectacular firework display which once it finished with a large bang with echoed though out the hills around us for several seconds, this was followed by the disco starting up, the bar opening. The bar was going to stay open until it ran dry but this happened earlier than allot of people expected (just after 10pm) The evening went well and ended at 11pm. The ICA crew then packed away the Hullaballoo Roadshow.

The camp started early on this the last, damp Saturday morning as everyone packed up and got ready for the trip home. The QM team with help from Pete from ICA were doing the final loading of the lorry that had to depart before the busses could get near to the site. The campsite began to empty and the frequently seen after camp yellow patches began to appear across the field.

I travelled back on coach C, the Wrotham, Maidstone and Ashford route. We walked up the muddy path for the last time to the assembly point at the top of the field to board our coach and left at about 11:45. The coach had toilet facilities onboard and soft drinks for sale so our first stop was about 4:30 for 45 minutes to allow us to have something to eat and the driver to have a rest. The first part of the journey was a quiet one as everyone caught up with our sleep while listening to various music, after the stop the music livened up as we knew we were almost home. The last CD which was played amused us all that Robin would own up to having a 'Rolf Harris Favourite Hits' which we listened to until we arrived back on the M20 were we were met by friends and family.

While we were travelling back the Hullabaloo Roadshow was driven off the field, and then the remaining crew worked very hard taking down the remaining tents, packing the equipment into trailers and clearing the field. They then left mid afternoon for the long drive home.

Monday night the lorry with all the bulky items was unloaded at the TV studios, each group turned up to retrieve their equipment which would have to be checked, tents cleaned, dried and stored for their next use.

Each day a daily newspaper was produced by ICA, this was called the Daley Patter and was edited by Harvey and Vicky. These are in one zipped file (2.2Mb), which contains 11 Issues in Word format (last one to added soon). Click here to download

The following links are for high resolution pictures and are not more than 500Kb in size. (long time to download unless you Broadband Internet access). Right click on the file and choose 'Save As' to save to your local hard disk. Sunny Campsite 1 2 3 Oranjeboom Flag Break Outside the ICA Marquee at Night Campfire 1 2 Camp Fire - Good Campsite from above On Expedition ICE Subcamp

Here are some statistics from the camp

Number of Janusites 190
Total Leaders/Helpers that attended some or all of the camp 216
Total walked on expeditions and self planned walks 3402km
Total paddled on expeditions and self planned 660Km
Average distance walked per day 16km
Number of walkers self planned expeditions 104
Number of canoe expeditions 22
Number of walkers out at least one night 65
Overall climbed height 14,187m
Overall abseiled 10,534m
JANUSaid raised £ 800
The hills team separately raised for Mountain Rescue in addition to the above amount £ 120
First Response/First Aid Certificates Achieved 53 Janusites & 15 Staff

Web & Mail Statistics

Pictures on Site 214
Pictures taken by ICA Team for site 740
Registered to send mail to Janusites 178
Messages received via message system 318
Email messages sent out from camp 163
Unique Visitors to the site during camp 120

If you wish to download any of these pictures, right click on the selected one and choose the 'Save Picture As' option. All additional text welcome.

See the JANUS Reunion page


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