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14th Golden Bog Seat Challenge

March 2010 saw the 14th Golden Bog Seat Challenge and Freezer Camp. This time the challenge was run by the popular Deal, Walmer, and Sandwich District who’s previous challenges have been excellent. The challenge was entitled GoldFishFinger.

Over 80 explorers entered the challenge at Ross Wood Campsite near Canterbury on the last weekend in February 2010. The challenge started at 12pm and the Explorers had to work their way around several bases building up points and coins as they went. The bases were challenging and fun. One of the bases saw the explorer scouts having to negotiate the obstacle course with a 12ft shark.

In the evening there was plenty of entertainment with a Karaoke session which finished with a rendition of New York, New York by the County Explorer Scout Team (apparently the video can be seen of Facebook).

Sunday was a big change in weather as the heavens opened and the campsite and surrounding areas started to flood. It was a desperate rush to get all the wet tents, equipment, and explorers away.

The results were that the winning team of the Challenge getting the most points were 14th Canterbury and the winning district of the Bog Seat (The district that came last over all) was Medway.


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