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Rainwater Harvesting


Two unlikely characters have joined forces to help make the dreams of a group of youngsters come true.  South East Water’s Sally Shower and Southern Water’s Mr Save-It are helping Kent Scouts create a new regional headquarters at Lower Grange Farm near Maidstone.

Kent Scouts hope to build a sustainable, environmentally friendly site incorporating as many green technologies as possible, making Lower Grange Farm a leading centre for youth development. 

The two water companies are together donating £6,000 to Kent Scouts which will go towards creating a rainwater harvesting system for Lower Grange Farm.

Kelvin Holford, from Kent Scouts, said: “We are very excited about the new barn and facilities and are extremely grateful for the donations made by both Southern Water and South East Water.

“This money will make the rainwater harvesting system idea become a reality and help promote the importance of this precious natural resource.”

Lee Dance, South East Water’s Head of Water Resources and Environmental, said: “It is so important that children understand the importance of water from a young age and that it should be used wisely.
“This harvesting system means the rainwater that falls on the roof of the barn can be used to flush the toilets, therefore, vastly reducing the amount of drinking water that is flushed away.”

Helen Sparkes, Southern Water’s Communications Officer, said: “We work closely with Scouts across the South East of England to help them learn more about water so this special project means a lot to us.

“Not only will this system reduce the amount of drinking water flushed down the toilet it will also help educate the Scouts as they’ll be able to monitor the amount of water being stored in the giant underground containers as well as how much of it is being used and where.”

The average person flushes around 30 per cent of the water they use every day down the toilet and some older toilets use as much as 13 litres of water per flush1.

To mark the beginning of building work both water company mascots were invited to Lower Grange Farm to help get the project underway.

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