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Leeds Castle Badge Bonanza

29 Beavers and Cubs from Coxheath and Suttons were very special visitors to Leeds Castle, near Maidstone.  They had been selected to trial the Beaver Scout Adventure Badge and the Cub Scout Local Knowledge Badge at the Castle.  Leeds Castle have written special badge booklets to enable the youngsters to complete the badge whilst during a visit and special rates are being offered for the visits.

The visit included a superb educational experience where the Beavers and Cubs re-enacted 1000 years of history.  Even the leaders dressed up!  The youngsters entered into the experience acting their parts and joining in with the fun.  The Leaders found too that they got lots of different programme ideas for section nights and camps. 

Following this we encountered the Maze - some cracked it within a few minutes - been there before perhaps! whilst others took a little longer and some even acted as helpers to the public who were lost!  We toured the aviary and saw a range of birds from around the world at close quarters.  Then we all watched enthralled at the World of Wings Show which was definitely not to be missed.  Huge birds flew around us and swooped for food.

The Knights Realm - an amazing adventure playground was next on the agenda and the children let off steam whilst Leaders had a relaxing cuppa.

The finale of the day was a tour of the Castle - the loveliest in the world so they say - and it was looking spectacular in the sunshine.  The Cubs tackled their booklets and asked lots of questions of the very helpful guides. 

As we made our way back to the entrance, a ride on the Land Train for everyone saved our weary legs.  Shopping done and homeward bound, everyone agreed we had a great day and it is highly recommended to Beavers and Cubs for a full action packed day out.

The Cubs have some bits to complete in their booklets at home before they are awarded their badges, partly because there was so much to do in the day we didn't have time to finish it!

For more details about the opportunities at Leeds Castle look at the Beaver and Cub Scout badge pages on this web site.

Beccy Martin

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