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Operation Wolf Cub

Two contrasting days of weather - wet and windy and glorious sunshine did not deter over 1400 Cubs and Leaders having a great time discovering parts of Dover that even people who live there haven't visited.  The Dover Transport Museum is a hidden jewel in Dover's crown - packed full of wonderful cars and artifacts that helped Cubs understand how times have changed and brought back memories for many Leaders. 

A treasure hunt around the museum saw youngsters busy trying to find the double decker buses and then deciphering the clue!  Outside the museum saw the Scout Active Support units from around the county running activities - some in very windy weather and others in lovely sunshine!  If only we could book the weather!

The Southern Queen sailed 10 times each day - some on choppy seas, which made it very exciting for some and not so for others who were a little queasy!  One highlight was the launching of the lifeboat on Saturday which was called out to a distressed yacht.  Sunday was much quieter on the water, even Seals basked on the hoverport landing close to where Cubs were eating their lunch sitting on the beach. 

The Grand Shaft, built in  was a climb of 137 steps built in the 19th century when England was at war with France.  Re-enactment characters were on hand to explain and enhance the experience.  Souvenir Binoculars were given to everyone to use when they got to the top and explored the Western Heights and the Drop Redoubt which was the fort where the soldiers lived.  France was a little way off but some said they could see it.

Double deckers were used throughout the day to transport everyone from the museum to the harbour side and were very popular as they saved a lot of walking!

A tremendous team effort as always helped by the County Cub Scout team and the extended team of leaders, ACCs and the Scout Active Support.  The staff at all the attractions were very complimentary about the behaviour and enthusiasm of the Cubs and leaders, so very well done to everyone. 

Thanks too to Dover District Council for all their help with car parking arrangements and to Josh Gordon and his team for manning it all weekend to ensure safety and smooth traffic.

Beccy and Bunty

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